Individual Workshops All-In-One: Digital Negative + Platinotype Technique (Level I Basic + Level II Advanced)

Workshops are conducted by: artist photographer Krzysztof (Chris) Strzoda

More about the workshop leader: authors website

Deadline: individual to be agreed

Workshop duration: 6 or 4 days

Price: on request

Registration/questions: edutechpl [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com


The Masterclass Workshops are dedicated to all photographers and artists who want to learn and improve the process of creating their own works based on the historic platinotype / palladiotype methods and digital negatives and at the same time expecting an individual approach at the training stage. The date is adjusted to the possibilities of the participant and the trainer. It is the exclusive, private (1:1) possibilities of learn with leader in Platinotype methods. Supervising by Krzysztof (Chris) Strzoda is bargain into deep direct introduce in all nuances of excelent Platinotype prints

Two variants are possible:

I) Training within 6 consecutive days covering the full scope of three separate workshops, i.e.

a) Digital Negative Workshops - an introduction to historical techniques
b) Platinotype / Palladotype Workshops - Level I (Basic)
c) Platinotype / Palladotype Workshops - Level II (advanced)

II) Training in 4 consecutive days:

covering the most important scope of three separate trainings. In this case, the course is intensified, it includes fewer workshop hours, which is why some of the issues are less diverse and are implemented to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, thanks to the individual approach, the participant receives a solid basement for further independent work with digital negatives and the platinotype technique.

In both cases, the scope is flexibly tailored to the participant's expectations and progress and gives a unique opportunity to learn not only the techniques of digital negative and platinum printing, but also to learn the necessary tools and obtain information on how to complete or prepare them.

*Platinotype / Palladotype
A historical photographic technique that enables obtaining photographic images considered to be the most durable in terms of archival performance, in which a photographic image is created in the process of UV irradiation of handmade paper covered with a sensitizer solution; after exposure and wet processes of development and clarification created image consists only of colloidal particles of the most durable precious metals: platinum, palladium or their mixture and sometimes also with the addition of other precious metals, e.g. gold (the composition depends on the individual preparations made by the author sensitizer solutions). The technique involves contact exposure: the image is exposed from a negative of the same size as the contact print, placing it directly on sensitized paper. Specially selected top-quality papers with a natural cotton or linen base, also created in historical production techniques, the image created by precious metals, as well as a specially selected photochemical process, guarantee an unparalleled durable image. They make it possible to obtain images with extremely beautiful, subtle tonal transitions, unique atmosphere and vividness. Each print is unique both because of the technique used, as well as the author's own hand-made process from preparing the negative, through sensitizing, exposing, developing and drying.

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