Platinotype Masterclass Workshops (one-day) for schools and cultural institutions.

The classes are conducted by: artist photographer Krzysztof Strzoda

More about the workshop leader: authors website

Date: individual to be agreed

Place: to be agreed - at this moment only in Poland.

Workshop duration: 1 day, approx. 5 workshop hours

Price: on request

Registration/questions: edutechpl [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com


Masterclass workshops organized in cooperation with cultural institutions, universities, schools or photography groups planning to learn or start their adventure with the historical technique of platinotype/palladotype and digital negatives.

The standard workshop program is intended for groups of up to 10 participants, duration approx. +5 hours (in practice, it is usually slightly longer, especially for a larger group).

As part of the workshops:

- the platinotype (palladiotype) process will be discussed,

- presentation of examples of works prepared in the platinotype process,

- demonstration of the platinotype printing process, from preparation of photosensitive paper through exposure, development and final rinsing (1 print)

- each participant will have the opportunity to make one print in the platinotype/palladiotype process, which will include:

-- learning how to cover paper using a glass rod and preparing photosensitive paper

-- exposure of the print using a digital negative previously prepared by the instructor

-- developing, clarification, rinsing and pre-drying (participants will take a damp, packaged print with them or leave it to dry for the next day).

Equipment necessary for the workshops - on the instructors side (to be agreed if it is possible to use some elements of the darkroom equipment on site) - details when establishing cooperation.

Before the workshop, the leader will prepare several digital negatives to be used during the workshops, but each participant will have the opportunity to send one photo file (from a digital camera or a scan of an analogue negative) well in advance before the workshop, which, if possible, will be used by the workshop leader to prepare the digital negative - details when establishing cooperation; The workshops are carried out based on a digital negative, but it is possible to briefly discuss the differences in work compared to an analog negative.

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